I’ve developed dozens of yoga and resilience-related workshops that can be offered in a variety of settings and adapted to different populations. I’ve presented at nonprofits, universities, museums, libraries, hospitals, companies, conferences, yoga studios, and in yoga teacher training programs.

Upcoming workshops

Remembering Together: A Touchpoint to Yizkor  

Offered through Svivah September 12th, 2021 

These past 18 months, every one of us has experienced loss, has grieved the certainty of a world we thought we knew how to live in. Yizkor seems made for these times. For a thousand years, Jews have included the powerful memorial service as part of our High Holiday prayers. Jewish teachings hold that when Yizkor is recited, the veil between the living and the dead is lifted; our loved ones are close and listening. Spend an evening with us as we widen the circle of care, remembering and engaging in what matters most, for both the living and the lost. We’ll use guided meditation, writing and discussion to deepen the intentionality that Yizkor holds. More information and register here 

From Chaos to Calm: Practices for a Balanced Nervous System 

Offered through Circle Yoga  9/23-10/28 from 4:30-6 pm weekly

This is probably not where you expected to be right now: juggling a new way of living or working, disconnected from social supports after yet another covid curveball, as each day brings more news of suffering in the world. This fall, I’ll join several outstanding teachers exploring yoga and mindfulness practices that can help balance your nervous system during turbulent times. My session takes place on October 14th in which we’ll develop neurosensory awareness through gentle yoga-inspired movement and then write from our nervous systems in order to understand our own patterns of intrinsic resilience. You can go to any one session or the entire series. Each session is recorded, so join for the live event or watch on demand. 

More information and register here



Some workshops I’ve taught recently include…

Yoga Therapy for Special Populations or Conditions

I can customize a six- to eight-week program for your population or condition. These programs have included yoga for people dealing with cancer, yoga for insomnia, yoga for grief, yoga for medical school students, and yoga/mindfulness for doctors.

Pen & Pose: A Workshop in Yoga and Writing

Since 2007, I’ve helped participants use literal and metaphorical vehicles to reveal concealed aspects of themselves using mindfulness, movement and creative expression. I’ve offered Pen & Pose at libraries, universities, poetry festivals, art galleries, hospices and places of worship. Each workshop is unique with themes ranging from the chakras to crossroads, from Mother’s Day to the New Year.


I teach what resilience is and why it matters. Can be adapted for different populations (e.g., physicians, medical students, Jewish women) or times (e.g., during a pandemic, election season, etc.)   

Breath & Tonic

A combination of breathwork with restorative yoga postures to revitalize. An excellent “chill pill” and especially delightful for those suffering adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, or any auto-immune or chronic conditions.

Reiki Training

I offer First and Second Degree training at the GW Center for Integrative Medicine, usually co-taught with Luann Jacobs. Check out GW Center for Integrative Medicine for more information.

Yoga Teacher Training

I have served as core and guest faculty for both 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings, offering modules ranging from resilience to restoratives, sequencing to storytelling, ethics to  energetic anatomy, theme to trauma-informed yoga.  In addition, I offer a stand alone 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training. More info here 

Heart Rate Variability & Contemplative Practices

I’ve co-presented this experiential session for doctors and other health care professionals wishing to incorporate mindfulness practices in reducing patients’ stress and improving health care outcomes.

Please be in touch if you’d like to arrange a workshop, class or bring me to your special event!

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