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In addition to attending classes and workshops, you can work with me  one-on-one or in advanced trainings. Working with me one-on-one gives you my undivided attention, accountability and support to release physical and psychological tension, re-envision your past and make room for new possibilities, and (re)learn kinesthetic and cognitive skills that make the fascia, the nervous system, the brain, and the heart more pliant.
I use three modalities to work with you individually: yoga therapy, energy healing, and coaching.

Initial session for yoga therapy – $150
1 hour long session – $125
3 sessions – $330 (save $15/session)

Yoga Therapy

As a yoga therapist, I work with you to find ease and learn the skills that will make you feel more resilient in this particular chapter of your life.

Our first session begins with a comprehensive intake assessment. Together, we’ll learn more about the issues and conditions you’re facing from the yogic perspective, as a way of complementing what you know from the medical. From here, we’ll design simple mindfulness, breathing and movement practices that you can do on your own at home. As importantly, weaved into sessions are suggestions for lifestyle improvements, which are key to help the “yoga” stick.

An individual session can be useful for those with a regular yoga practice that no longer feels like it used to — or you’re recovering from a specific injury and want to learn how to best care for yourself in your practice. If you’re new to yoga, or want ongoing support, my recommendation is to book 3 sessions at a time.

1 hour long session – $125
3 sessions – $330 (save $15/session)
6 sessions – $600 (save $25/session)

Energy Healing

Energy healing is the gentle antidote for stress. I am trained in Reiki, Polarity Therapy, and Shamanism, and combine these as appropriate. Energy healing helps balance the autonomic nervous system, which regulates over 90 percent of your internal functions, including hormonal and immune system responses, digestion and sleep. Most often, I integrate other healing tools – such as coaching, aromatherapy, biofeedback, and breathwork – into these sessions, which gives them greater transformational value. Some people get a session every once-in-a-while as a seed-planting or re-boot. Other clients schedule regular sessions for routine check-in’s and support.

1 hour long session – $125

3 sessions – $330 (save $15/session)


Many people come to coaching when they’re needing to make a shift in their life — or when life has done the shifting for them. Some people I work with have a clear idea of what end result they want (more integrity between their values and their work, for instance, or the ability to step up their self-care and work on an environmental film that requires a lot of travel or run their passion-driven nonprofit at the same time). Others are not even sure of the next best step to take. Wherever you are is a great place to start! Clients report feeling more focused, supported, appreciative, free from internal limitations and resilient as a result of our work together.

I recommend you commit to a minimum of six sessions to see results. (I also have coaching clients with whom I’ve worked for years, supporting them as they continue to grow and move through life with intention.)

While each experience is unique, you can expect coaching with me to include:

  • Radical self-care
  • Self-directed appraisals on strengths
  • Honest and compassionate feedback
  • Helpful tools around organizing, process, power and structure
  • Enhanced negotiation skills
  • New perspectives, and possibilities for action
  • The ability to make courageous and wise decisions
  • Greater trust in yourself and more even power balances in relationships
  • Finding breathing and postural patterns that energize, center and ground
  • Assignments between sessions
  • My ongoing support, feedback and accountability
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