“Yael’s training was such a wonderful and fruitful experience for me. Yael created a safe space for learning, exploration, and growth for all teacher trainees. I expected to learn about the yin methodology, but left with such a grander scope of knowledge. We tackled anatomy, the energetic body, the Chinese Meridians, sequencing, and the elements, and were coached on how to teach these topics in a trauma-sensitive way.
To see how Yael can overlap and pull from all of these different systems to create a thoughtful yoga class was quite astonishing, but she also made it approachable through curriculum and group exercises for us to do the same. I’ve been able to put this training to use, teaching weekly Yin classes at a few different settings since graduation.
Yael made herself accessible all throughout training, and has been a resource for us all post-graduation, too. I highly recommend this training to anybody with a deep love of yoga and learning. Yael is an incredible wealth of knowledge, and I am so happy to say I am confident teaching Yin. The world needs more stillness!”
— Becky Paris —
“Yael’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training changed my yoga trajectory forever in many ways. First, she encouraged me to actually teach – I never intended to teach, just deepen my own practice. Her encouragement and support shifted my perspective. She opened my eyes to look beyond alignment.
My focus was heavily focused on everyone forming the same exact shape, and her training showed the variances between our individual anatomies. This benefits my students not only while teaching Yin, but also with Vinyasa, where everyone is in a different place.
But the most important lesson from Yael was how to hold a safe and loving space for everyone that walks through your door. She drove home the reality that we have no idea what is happening in a student’s life or if they have suffered any trauma or why they are present. So making every student feel welcome is critical. To this day, I honor all her lessons especially in Yin where she asked us to ensure every class is different and speaks to each student’s experience.”
— Bill Sternberger —
co-owner and teacher, Cowface Yoga Studio
“Yael’s teaching style is is refreshingly honest, humorous, and fun. Lessons were structured in a way that made them easy to digest; the information on anatomy and yin yoga in particular filled in a gap in my teaching knowledge. Yael’s creative approach to sequencing also invigorated and inspired my teaching at a time when I needed to spice things up and keep my students interested in the ever-unfolding marvel that is yin yoga.”
— Fiona Griffin —
“I never thought before meeting Yael that I would have enjoyed taking let alone teaching Yin yoga. I have been teaching Hatha yoga focusing on alignment for many years. On my first day of Yin yoga training with Yael, I was hooked and she is the reason why. During the training, she taught me to have an open mind with my teaching. Yael taught me that students don’t have to be in a strictly-aligned pose; instead, they should feel the pose and enjoy the experience. Yael led the training with a perfect balance of professionalism, shared knowledge of the human body, and a warm sense of humor.”
— Isabel P. —
“I was introduced to Yael and yin yoga by accident. I immediately loved Yael’s spirit and dedication to the practice and to her students. I found her so amazingly supportive and therapeutic, both physically and emotionally, that I retained her services for private sessions. It changed my life, by helping me find a stillness that I did not know existed for me…”
— Mary T. —
“Yael’s classes range from upbeat energetic flow to meditative inward journeys, always punctuated by Yael’s contagious charm. Yael epitomizes fusion and is a natural healer. The healing journeys she guides her students through are always enjoyable, yet still challenging, and frequently quite profound. Don’t be fooled by her New York humor–you are in a serious yoga class when traveling with Yael.”
— Glenn S. —
“If Yael’s yoga classroom were a public television station, it would never be pledge week. It would be like a great episode of Julia Child where you ended up understanding how to make a good bouillabaisse. Yael writes a joyfully irreverent kind of poetry during each 75 minute class. Each session is spicy and fresh – why else would I go there at 8 PM in midwinter? – but for me what makes the ‘Y’ stand both for yoga and unmistakably Yael in one of her classes is that she always leads with her heart, playfully urging us to dig and breathe deeply, to literally inspire as we perspire, not just into the sweaty underbelly of a pose but equally into what lies beneath each moment of repose.”
— Z. —
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming into my life. I cannot begin to compliment you enough – my health has improved immensely since I began learning yoga from you. Your sense of humor and knowledge about how to accommodate my limitations with each session means so much. Not only do I have more energy, but I also have a better sense of how to relax, as well as more strength. Each week I look forward to seeing what new activity I will learn. I am forever grateful for your teachings.”
— Alison —
“Yael has been my coach for many years, because she never fails to remind me that both my heart and my head need to be engaged in my work. I appreciate her wisdom, her warmth, her humor, and her ability to listen deeply and ask important questions. She helps me remember who I am and who I want to be.”
— Alex Carter —
coach and celebrant
“Yael has given me a fresh perspective on many situations, from career to health and well-being. Her gentle communication style, along with her ability to listen and deftly get to the root of my challenges is a genuine gift she shares with ease. I have grown with Yael in ways I wouldn’t have without her care.”
— Tanisha —
Aya Arts & Media
“After meeting Yael at a yoga retreat she facilitated, I had a sense that the practices she studied, including Reiki, might help me in calming a stressed out mind and body. I was able to get an appointment right away and before starting, she spent time working together with me to understand what I was interested in working on.
Although I started out skeptical of the practice, I went with it and found it opened up a field of images and sensations that I could explore and work with in a safe, relaxing way. Reiki has helped me to see I could release a lot of what was blocking me from being able to move forward, and subsequent sessions built upon this process of gradually ‘letting go’ and moving forward in order to change and grow in life. Throughout the process, Yael has been a trusted guide and teacher, offering a safe and nonjudgmental space to explore, understand, and be a witness to the process of healing.”
— JLG —
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