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Advanced Training

I’ve taught yoga since 2005 and have spent countless hours studying yoga and mindfulness traditions from around the world. I’m a yoga therapist (I graduated from the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy), a biofeedback practitioner, a Reiki master teacher, and a coach in different modalities. My primary Yin teachers have been Paul Grilley (credited with creating Yin Yoga and an expert in functional anatomy), Sarah Powers (who integrates meridian theory and mindfulness into Yin), and Biff Mithoefer (who integrates poetry and shamanism into Yin). I’ve studied shamanism and poetry, coaching, and facilitation.
I can support your continuing education as a yoga teacher through my signature Yin Yoga Teacher Training, 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, and mentoring.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

For an in-depth look at Yin Yoga, join my signature 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Meant for yoga teachers and those who want to dive into Yin.

In the first weekend, we dive into anatomy from a fascial and human variation perspective, in the second we learn more about energetic anatomy, using Chinese medicine and Ayurveda as a base, and in the third, we focus on the brain and nervous system, learning about the mind-body connection of stress and trauma and how to shift into resiliency.

300-Hour Circle Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you’re a newly minted 200-hour grad or a long-time teacher looking to hone specific skills, this advanced 300-hour training will bring new depth, nuance, and confidence to your teaching.

Join a small, dedicated group of peers and a diverse faculty of expert trainers for 18 months of thoughtfully crafted curriculum, with an emphasis on reaching out to a broad range of communities through mindful, welcoming yoga practices.


Many aspects of teaching yoga can’t be covered in a 200-hour teacher training. I offer one-on-one mentoring for those on the teaching path who want to be intentional about their teaching practice.

Our time together is safe, creative and transformative, and you’ll receive straightforward, constructive and practical feedback on how to achieve results based on the all-important why of your teaching. We’ll focus on self-care; class and curriculum design, teaching methods; and responsible business practices. You’ll have email support between sessions to help you evolve and bring your visions to life. Mentoring is essentially coaching for yoga teachers; part of our work together includes content-based support around developing your unique voice and niche as a yoga teacher.

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