Pen & Pose

Pen & Pose at Montpelier Mansion, Prince Georges County, May 2015

Pen & Pose at Montpelier Mansion, Prince Georges County, May 2015

I came to writing much the same way as I had to all the other wise elements on these pages: searching to feel whole and alive again. Writing creatively has helped me rewrite the limited scripts I was telling myself, over and over again.

Writing has often helped me better decisions, given me the gift of insight, helped me find some level of reconciliation with painful episodes and toxic relationships, become more insightful and intuitive, and more judicious in my actions.

Expressive writing is also shown to help people develop resiliency in many studies, even in studies which just looked at one-time writing workshops.

Over the years, I’ve taught writing workshops to teens, teachers, yogis, homeless individuals, and folks hankering to gain insight into their lives through a creative practice. Because I believe writing is a wonderful healing modality, I’ve designed Pen & Pose workshops that integrate writing into other mind-body techniques, such as yoga, breathwork, guided visualization and coaching.

Read my seven tips for integrating yoga and writing. And be in touch if you’d like for me to lead a yoga and writing workshop for your group!