Energy Healing

Doing Reiki on a friend while another strums his guitar

Energy healing is the gentle antidote for stress.

I offer  both Reiki and Polarity Therapy. You don’t have to know which one you need when you schedule a session. (More info on both below!) I can figure that out for you, and even combine the two.  I often integrate other healing tools, such as biofeedback, breathwork, aromatherapy, and coaching.

My energy work and Reiki classes are currently offered through the GW Center for Integrative Medicine — visit their website or call 202/833-5055 to schedule a session or learn about upcoming training.

You can read the first-time Reiki experience of a couple I worked on here.

If you find yourself falling in love with energy, and want to learn how to do Reiki on yourself and your friends, I can teach you!  See Schedule & Upcoming Events or be in touch with me to learn how to bring me to your group.

Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing art that jump-starts the body’s self-healing mechanisms.  At the physical level, Reiki is particularly good at balancing the autonomic nervous system, which regulates over 90 percent of your internal functions, including hormonal and immune system responses, digestion and sleep.  At the emotional level, Reiki helps to create a state of peacefulness, and as such is great for safely exploring a wide range of personal issues. Energetically, Reiki works with the “wireless” anatomical system (as does polarity therapy, just in slightly different ways).

Polarity therapy is a natural health care system which works with your body’s electromagnetic patterns. Polarity therapy is based in the principles of Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga. Polarity sessions typically include light as well as more firm touch at specific points of the body, as well as rocking.

Hands on deck!

“After meeting Yael at a yoga retreat she facilitated, I had a sense that the practices she studied, including Reiki, might help me in calming a stressed out mind and body.  I was able to get an appointment right away and before starting, she spent time working together with me to understand what I was interested in working on.  Although I started out skeptical of the practice, I went with it and found it opened up a field of images and sensations that I could explore and work with in a safe, relaxing way.  Reiki has helped me to see I could release a lot of what was blocking me from being able to move forward, and subsequent sessions built upon this process of gradually “letting go” and moving forward in order to change and grow in life.  Throughout the process, Yael has been a trusted guide and teacher, offering a safe and nonjudgmental space to explore, understand, and be a witness to the process of healing.”  – JLG, Washington, D.C.

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  1. Jerry says

    I had heard of Reiki and heard people compare it with Polarity Therapy (I am also studying with Yael), so I thought I would schedule an appointment and make my own conclusions.

    Yael is a very talented practitioner and helped me process some very interesting visualizations and helped me bring new meaning to some old analogies. These changes brought about some major shifts in my body, on the physical, emotional and, in some cases, spiritual level.

    If you are open and willing to explore, I recommend Yael without hesitation.

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