We're wired for connection

We’re all wired for connection and support

Coaching is a mindfulness practice, a transformative practice, a mind-body practice, a reflective leadership practice, a radical wellness practice. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s a powerful way of creating more deeply meaningful, sustainable, and celebratory ways of living, leading and being.

Many people come to coaching when they’re needing to make a shift in their life — or when life has done the shifting for them. Some folks I work with have a clear idea of what the end result will look like (more integrity between their values and their work, for instance, or the ability to step up their self-care and work on an environmental film that requires a lot of travel or run their passion-driven nonprofit at the same time). Sometimes they’re not even sure of the next best step to take. My clients report feeling more focused, supported, appreciative, and free from internal limitations as a result of our work together.

I recommend you commit to a minimum of six sessions to see results.  (I also have coaching clients with whom I’ve worked for years, supporting them as they continue to grow and move through life with intention.)

While each experience is unique, you can expect coaching with me to include:

  • Radical self-care
  • Self-directed appraisals on strengths
  • Honest, effective and compassionate speech
  • Helpful tools around organizing, process, power and structure
  • Enhanced negotiation skills
  • New perspectives, and possibilities for action
  • The ability to make courageous and wise decisions
  • Greater trust in yourself and more even power balances in relationships
  • Finding breathing and postural patterns that energize, center and ground
  • Assignments between sessions
  • My ongoing support, feedback and accountability

Some individuals and organizations, more and more of which find coaching to be a cost-effective way to enhance effectiveness, inspire creativity, build strong leadership, and reduce stress; foundations will sometimes financially support the use of coaching as a capacity-building tool in nonprofits.  (For more information on coaching in nonprofits, you might start perusing the resources here.)  I’d be happy to provide feedback on a proposal that you’re writing for coaching support.

Yael has been my coach for many years, because she never fails to remind me that both my heart and my head need to be engaged in my work. I appreciate her wisdom, her warmth, her humor, and her ability to listen deeply and ask important questions. She helps me remember who I am and who I want to be. — Alex Carter, coach and celebrant

Yael has given me a fresh perspective on many situations, from career to health and well-being. Her gentle communication style, along with her ability to listen and deftly get to the root of my challenges is a genuine gift she shares with ease.  I have grown with Yael in ways I wouldn’t have without her care.  –Tanisha, Aya Arts & Media