Reiki Level Two Training

February 15th & 22nd

Join me and fellow Reiki Master Teacher Luann Jacobs as we lead a small group through the second degree of Reiki over two Friday evenings.

Reiki 2 deepens your connection to universal source, increases your capacity to a greater volume of Reiki energy, and strengthens your ability to channel the energy. You will be introduced to three sacred symbols, which serve specific healing functions: (1) powering up the Reiki energy, (2) healing at the mental and emotional level, and (3) healing across time and space.

A large part of the training will be centered on the understanding and application of these symbols, along with supervised hands-on practice of advanced Reiki techniques on yourself and others. We will also discuss the ethics of treating others and local resources for volunteering. You will receive two attunements at this level.

Homework will include 21 days of self-healing, and ten documented sessions on others.

Prerequisite: Certificate from your Reiki 1 Training, and permission from Luann and Yael

To register, please call the Center at 202-833-5055 during regular business hours.

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