Post-Pandemic Re-Emergence

With Spring in the air and a promise from the President that there will be enough vaccinations for everyone by the end of May, it feels as we’re all about to be sprung from our at-home lockdowns. As exciting as this is, it might still be a tricky transition. For many, especially women, our natural strategy in times of stress is “tend and befriend” – to protect and seek out social groups for mutual defense. However, this year we’ve done a lot more tending – and dealing with loss – and much less befriending/girlfriend time.

So how do we plan for our emergence into a post-pandemic world? How will our relationships and interactions give us the support we need after a year of deprivation?

Join Jennifer Brilliant and Yael Flusberg on Sunday, April 11th from 11:00 am  12:15 pm EST (followed by a short Q&A) as they share yoga and creative tactics to bring us back from the brink of Burnout to a place where re-emergence is possible.

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