Introduction to Jewish Mindfulness Mini Series

March 24th

Along with Joshua Cogan, I’ll be co-teaching a two-hour Jewish mindfulness workshop called Connecting to the Natural World, which is part of JMCW’s four-part Intro to Jewish Mindfulness Series.  The session is based on the Jewish idea that humans are stewards of the Earth (we’re encouraged to l’vadah ul’shamrah “to till and to tend” and reminded in tehilim 24 that “The fullness of the land and all Earth’s inhabitants belong to G-d”.). In our workshop, we will explore our connection to the natural world and how nature itself can open a natural state of mindfulness. We’ll use our senses — listening, seeing and touching — to work with our internal psychospiritual processes. Weather permitting, we’ll also have a chance to go outside for part of this practice.

Register here.


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