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There’s No Magic Bullet for Chronic Pain (but yoga helps!)

  I’ve told the story in my classes before – but never here — that I discovered yin yoga during a particularly painful bout of lower back pain in my 30s when I was teaching vinyasa and I thought that should be helping my back but instead it was making things much worse. I would wake up in the morning and have trouble putting on a pair of jeans. In addition to feeling like shit physically, I felt like a total loser – who’d  would want to take yoga from a person whose flexibility precluded her from wearing pants?

Happy New Year! 

I hope that you brought in the New Year surrounded by loved ones, relaxed and warm! Those of us on the East Coast have been suffering under a spell of sub-freezing temperatures, and a lived experience of the alarm-sounding meteorological term, bomb cyclone. 

Does Yin Help Unlock Trauma?

As though I needed an excuse, about a month back, I took a 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Biff Mithoefer. After ten years of teaching Yin (and now teaching yoga teachers how to teach Yin well), I wasn’t really expecting to pick up many new tricks. What I love about Yin is

Where Beauty Comes From  

Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in. –Leonard Cohen     Recently, I was interviewed by Laura Kupperman, who has been a friend as well as my coach, as part of a week-long online business training she organized targeting yoga teachers and therapists who wanted to learn how to reach more people and freshen up their business approach. 

Slow Down for Fall So You Can Get a Rush from Your Life

You guys know from my last post that I am a big believer in integration. In fact, I’d say that having an experience without making time to chew it up well, savor every delish and disgusting nuance, and assimilate the nuggets that have sieved through your digestive tract into your everyday life – well, you might as well have not had the experience, IMHO. 

Shaking Stress Away

Could stress be shaken off? Not with a magic wand, but with your entire body, in any direction that feels like moving. Whenever I introduce shaking in my yoga classes (sometimes after a vigorous sequence when I sense folks need a break), people will visibly release their grown-up armor and cut loose with goofy movement. (Been on the screen too long? Try it yourself, now, if you’re in a relatively private setting: Start with a discrete body part – a hand, a leg — and then gradually include your entire body. Gently bounce up and down or shake sidewise, as you like, at your own speed. Put on music if you want the shake to include some rattle and rolls. After a few minutes, be still with your eyes closed and notice what your body feels like after shaking. Can you feel your heartbeat? Has there been any shifts in your energy? your mood? the quality or velocity of your thoughts?)  

Anti-Resolution Stance

My dear friends, as we head into the New Year, I want to wish you only the best of the best for 2016. By this I mean: first do no harm.  Especially to yourself. You can start off 2016 on a fabulous note by NOT making resolutions.