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Let Your Mind Wander This Summer


Summer is all about playing a bit more – you might be slowing down from work to spend more time in your garden, or on the river, or in the woods.

Whatever you do, don’t mistake slowing down for flatlining.

My thesaurus does. For slow, it says Sluggish. Slack. Dim. Dumb. Bumper-to-bumper. But I say: Deliberate. Designed. Calculated. Conscious. Read More

Three Ways to Pay Better Attention

keep-calm-and-pay-attention-58I recently participated in a three-day poetry festival, teaching a yoga & writing workshop, and stage managing the evening readings. My dear friend Melissa Tuckey, who co-founded the festival stayed with me — which all but guaranteed days bookmarked with coffee-or-wine conversations. She had recently launched Ghost Fishing, the first poetry anthology with “an eco-justice bent.” (See “what I’m reading” in my May newsletter for more.) Read More

There’s No Magic Bullet for Chronic Pain (but yoga helps!)



Does time heal all wounds?

I’ve told the story in my classes before – but never here — that I discovered yin yoga during a particularly painful bout of lower back pain in my 30s when I was teaching vinyasa and I thought that should be helping my back but instead it was making things much worse. I would wake up in the morning and have trouble putting on a pair of jeans. In addition to feeling like shit physically, I felt like a total loser – who’d  would want to take yoga from a person whose flexibility precluded her from wearing pants? Read More

Where Beauty Comes From  


Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.

–Leonard Cohen



Recently, I was interviewed by Laura Kupperman, who has been a friend as well as my coach, as part of a week-long online business training she organized targeting yoga teachers and therapists who wanted to learn how to reach more people and freshen up their business approach.  Read More