Hope Comes in Cycles

Hope is not always the obvious choice. At times, life can get too real, as Anne Lamont writes in a recent essay published in National Geographic. As in: Supreme Court hearings, intercepted pipe bombs, shootings in supermarkets and synagogues. This month has seemed...

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Forgiveness Matters

As I write this, member of my tribe are fasting, remembering the dead, and practicing forgiveness.  On Yom Kippur, Jews will put the finishing touches on the new year -- and forgiveness is key: like Buddhism, which sees forgiveness as a practice of cleansing, Jews use...

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Let Your Mind Wander This Summer

Summer is all about playing a bit more – you might be slowing down from work to spend more time in your garden, or on the river, or in the woods. Whatever you do, don’t mistake slowing down for flatlining. My thesaurus does. For slow, it says Sluggish. Slack. Dim....

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Three Ways to Pay Better Attention

I recently participated in a three-day poetry festival, teaching a yoga & writing workshop, and stage managing the evening readings. My dear friend Melissa Tuckey, who co-founded the festival stayed with me -- which all but guaranteed days bookmarked with...

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Why I Started Smoking at 12 and How I Quit

I suppose the juxtaposition of yoga and cigarettes don't mix, but I was a smoker for about twenty years. I'd often light up after a nice sweaty practice. I loved smoking. I loved the thrill of stealing cigarettes from my parents when I was 12.   Just a couple of short...

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