Author: Yael

Shaking Stress Away

Could stress be shaken off? Not with a magic wand, but with your entire body, in any direction that feels like moving. Whenever I introduce shaking in my yoga classes (sometimes after a vigorous sequence when I sense folks need a break), people will visibly release their grown-up armor and cut loose with goofy movement. (Been on the screen too long? Try it yourself, now, if you’re in a relatively private setting: Start with a discrete body part – a hand, a leg — and then gradually include your entire body. Gently bounce up and down or shake sidewise, as you like, at your own speed. Put on music if you want the shake to include some rattle and rolls. After a few minutes, be still with your eyes closed and notice what your body feels like after shaking. Can you feel your heartbeat? Has there been any shifts in your energy? your mood? the quality or velocity of your thoughts?)  

Anti-Resolution Stance

My dear friends, as we head into the New Year, I want to wish you only the best of the best for 2016. By this I mean: first do no harm.  Especially to yourself. You can start off 2016 on a fabulous note by NOT making resolutions.

How to Let Go

It’s hard to leave that with which we’re familiar — places, lovers, careers — or just calendar years, as we will soon do, relearning how to write the right date on simple forms. In colder months, the call to let go and leave behind gets louder and louder. Sometimes, we have no choice but to heed that call — but not before checking out whether we’re simply caught up in boredom, wanting things to be different than they are, not appreciating all the stark beauty that is our eternal travel companion. To me, December carries anticipation of awkward holiday gatherings — the awkward describing how I feel in the midst of families celebrating each other, having not had a family for most of my life.  I feel that familiar pull to dwell on that which has gone less than magically in my life — the losses and my insufficient responses to them, the healing paths or pleasure trips or books I think I should have taken or written.

Cleansing Your Way to Strength

In Ayurvedic practice, fall is an opportune season to gently cleanse.  Unlike a spring cleanse, which focuses on removing toxins built up over the winter, its autumn sister is all about strengthening digestion and metabolism to help us prepare for the colder, more sedentary season ahead.