Friends, I’m happy to have an essay included among 40 other powerful writers in the anthology DEEP BEAUTY: Experiencing Wonder When the World Is on Fire. My essay has to do with how I got into yoga — as part of my legacy as the daughter of a concentration camp survivor, as much as I have done everything else in my life — with lots of chaos and inconsistencies, but in the end, good enough. As co-editors Rosemary Winslow and Catherine Lee write: “We live in times that are especially troubling and turbulent. Many of us find our basic human values under constant attack. White nationalism, sexual assault, and partisan politics dominate our national discourse. The word “beautiful” is used to describe the wall on our country’s southern border and letters from a murderous autocrat. Beauty is seen as little more than a slogan. Where and how do we find beauty in the midst of all this chaos? The writers who have contributed to this collection have found beauty in experiences of happiness, sadness, pain, and loss, discovering in the process that true beauty—deep beauty—can still be part of our lives.”

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