Shaking is one of the simplest (and joy-inducing) ways to release accumulated tension, and finding more freedom and flexibility in our lives. Animals shake off rough play, and even close calls with predators. Discharging tension by shaking is instinctual for humans (recall the involuntary quaking that you felt when you last received bad news or after a fender bender). Sadly, in this culture, we tend to train our children out of this healthy and free-form response to shake/dance/cry off physiological and psychological stress and instead work hard to “hold ourselves together.” Shaking can discharge tension in the myofascia as well as the nervous system and can connect you with your inner child and whimsical nature.  Just five minutes daily can help you tap into greater resilience as you let go of stagnant energy and create more spaciousness in the body/mind/soul. You may safely shake for up to 45 minutes; just make sure to include a few moments at the end to enjoy the pleasurable sensations you have evoked. If you shake in the morning or early afternoon, feel free to finish with a short tapping session and invite more invigoration into the rest of your day.
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