Hi everyone!

I hope that you are finding ways to stay cool and connected even through a long and hot summer in the midst of a pandemic that has meant we have less options to get together and get away.

I wanted to share one new regular endeavor I’ll be contributing to which aptly is called CONNECT. CONNECT is the biweekly newsletter of the Smith Center for Healing & the Arts, a DC-based nonprofit whose programs “focus on cultivating each person’s innate ability to heal, helping participants explore meaning and maintain hope—even in the face of life’s challenges.”  I have been lucky enough to teach a weekly gentle yoga class at the Smith Center for the past few years. My virtual “column” is called “Nurturing Resilience”  and will include short somatic practices to help readers return to an embodied sense of resilience, a mindset and physical state where you feel connected to your own essence, to loved ones, to nature — and where hope, creativity, and transformative action with the world around you becomes possible, even during moments of transition and uncertainty.

My first video column came out this week and here is the video — meant to take you from Zoom-inspired schlumpasana into a posture where openness and curiosity is possible. You’ll need two tennis balls and a sock. Cat not necessary, but quite helpful.

Please subscribe to CONNECT here and feel free to let me know if this kind of work is useful to you and if I should continue to cross-post.

With love, your sometimes schlumpy friend Yael

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