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Coffee Talk

Meg & Bill Scofield are two delightful (and faithful) members of a weekly therapeutic yoga class I facilitate in downtown DC, close to the George Washington University Hospital. In the wake of what they call “medical upheaval,” they’ve been blogging about their intentional lifestyle — which has meant what most of us would consider radical downsizing and simple living. In fact, next month they will pack it even further down into what fits in a large backpack each, and take off — starting in Mexico, and seeing where life draws them afterwards.

They have an occasional interview series with other DC dwellers who’ve touched their lives. Juan Carlos and I sat down with them over strong Americanos, which might account for the good-natured rambling we did about everything from the Holocaust to how Juan Carlos and I met and got married to what we like about DC. Enjoy!


Therapeutic husband-and-wife team Yael Flusberg and Juan Carlos Enciso (c) Bill Scofield

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I'm a yoga therapist and coach who is fascinated by the ways in which scientific inquiry has converged with wisdom traditions in concluding that our physical, psychological and spiritual well-being are intrinsically connected. I try to use this knowledge to help people feel more resilient, courageous and alive.


    • Thank you. But the world sometimes feels too big, no, my favorite fava lady?

    • Aw, it’s sweet, no? We loved seeing you and hearing/feeling the gong orchestra. I keep thinking it’s the perfect listening/healing lounge kind of event. i.e., more soon, please? xo

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