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Radio Podcast on Identity

Sorry for the addendum, but wanted to share a quick link of a radio podcast I recorded with an amazing fellow activist and yogini named Laura. Her podcast, Fully Engaged Feminism, explores feminist issues, and she asked me to come on and share in a special conversation with her around spirituality and social justice.  It’s about half an hour, good for a cup of coffee, and hopefully, food for thought.  (I’m on the July 5th, 2010 show)

Peace and happy listening!

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I'm a yoga therapist and coach who is fascinated by the ways in which scientific inquiry has converged with wisdom traditions in concluding that our physical, psychological and spiritual well-being are intrinsically connected. I try to use this knowledge to help people feel more resilient, courageous and alive.


    • hey ms ananda! sorry i missed your reading yesterday! many good intentions, misaligned activities. enjoy the energy of the solar eclipse today 🙂

  1. Alex says

    Love this – it’s all vibration. The University of Alaska Fairbank’s Museum of the North has a room called “The Place Where You Go To Listen,” a room where different frequencies are set to tones – from the deep rumbles of the tectonic plates to the shimmering high notes of the aurorae. It’s hypnotic, entrancing, amazing. Of course, Rock Creek Park can be that way, too.

    • Ooooh! A great reason to go to Alaska (that, and to buy a home across the street from the Palin’s, of course!). Wonder if there’s anywhere in our area where we can listen to that? There is — and would love to hear the tectonic plates, perhaps a bit closer to home.

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