Yoga for Resiliency

Inspiring. Resourcing. Transforming.

We can be radically changed by encounters with great stress and upheaval. And: no matter what we’ve lived through, it is possible to transform our suffering into resilience, wisdom and transformative action within ourselves and the world around us.
Resiliency keeps hope alive and allows us to stay in the fight and do what we were born to do.
If you’re here, you’ve had your share of initiations, transitions, and loss. Your body has had its moments. So has your memory.

Maybe you’re in the middle of a change you didn’t ask for — or you’re itching to make some big shifts. Whether you’re facing life with a new diagnosis, in the midst of a job or career change, recovering from a breakup or just not sure how to compose a life of your own creation, I can help you find your inner source of resilience.

I’ve studied yoga and other wellness practices for 30 years, experimenting and integrating the best of these into my own life and my work with others. I’ve traveled from Auschwitz to the Andes to understand how the trauma we’ve inherited or were exposed to can be healed. My own journey has meandered many roads — from grassroots leadership development to social justice strategic consulting; from street theater to shamanism; from poetry to polarity therapy. I incorporate what I have learned into every class, workshop, training and retreat I facilitate.

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Why do I focus on resiliency?

Resiliency is like a muscle that can be strengthened over time, and with practice. Becoming resilient happens through release, revisioning and relearning.

We learn how to release physical and psychological trauma — misalignments, misperceptions, memories and heavy emotions like guilt, anger and sorrow — which get stuck and congeal in our physical posture and fascia, our nervous system, and our biochemical pathways. We can access and begin to peel back all of these layers through yoga.

We revisit our past and re-envision it, using ancient and modern strategies, such as reflective writing, visionary mindfulness and self-directed neuroplasticity.

And we relearn new kinesthetic and cognitive skills that make the fascia, the nervous system, the brain and the heart more pliant.

When we’re resilient, we transform ourselves into positive forces for change, amplifying our capacity to connect and engage more powerfully in our communities, sparking the change in the world we long to see.

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“I was introduced to Yael and yin yoga by accident. I immediately loved Yael’s spirit and dedication to the practice and to her students. I found her so amazingly supportive and therapeutic, both physically and emotionally, that I retained her services for private sessions. It changed my life, by helping me find a stillness that I did not know existed for me…”
— Mary T. —
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Yael Flusberg | Yoga for Resiliency | classes, retreats, workshops | Washington DC
Yael Flusberg | Yoga for Resiliency | yoga therapy, energy healing, coaching | Washington DC
Yael Flusberg | Yoga for Resiliency | teacher training, mentoring support | Washington DC

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